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The Conwy Ascent now includes a SUP (Stand up paddleboard) race.

For those who have not seen it, SUP is a fast growing watersport that originated in Hawaii and is now spreading across the globe.
A stand up board is a large surfboard which the paddler stands on and paddles with a long single bladed paddle. They can be used for surfing, racing, or just cruising.

There are not many SUP distance races in the UK yet, and of those that there are, most are on the south coast or in the south west. After the race in 2009 the SUPers who raced the short course all said that it felt very short and that they felt they should have raced the full course so SUPs race the full course.


NB Everybody racing must wear a buoyancy aid (Harbour rules) so don't forget to bring one.
Due to the fast current and presence of buoys and boats in the harbour you should not wear ankle or calf leashes. Latest BC advice is not to wear any leash system while paddling on white water.

Entries, check in, and briefing for the SUP race will be done at the Conwy Morfa race start and SUP racers will then start shortly before the canadian tourers (TC2) race. Entry fees will be the same as for a single canoe. If you are not a member of a national canoeing organization i.e. BC, CW etc. you will have to buy a day ticket. This is for insurance purposes and unfortunately as it is a CW endorsed event, BSUPA membership won't count. You can however save money by entering in advance rather than on the day. See the How to enter page for more information and write SUP on the entry card where it says K1,K2,C1,C2.