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Conwy Ascent Canoe Race/Tour

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Race Rules


The event will be held under the 'Rules for Competition' as laid down in the Marathon Racing section of the BCU Canoe Sprint & Marathon Racing HandBook.

Your attention is drawn to Section 5 'SAFETY' of the BCU Marathon Racing Rules, specifically the rule concerning the wearing of buoyancy aids.
RULE 5c(i): 'Race organisers may require life jackets or buoyancy aids and spray covers to be worn and will have the FINAL say as to who should wear them (except where this is covered by rule 5a(v)) depending on weather and water conditions. Such equipment must be provided by the competitors.'
At the request of the harbour authority, the organisers require approved lifejackets or buoyancy aids to be worn by all paddlers.


Although women and men will start together a full range of prizes will be awarded to both sexes (we are an equal opportunities race!) in kayak and canoe (for major types of craft e.g. WWRs, Sea Kayaks), and in age groups as set out on the entry card, subject to sufficient numbers.
Please ensure that you fill in the entry card correctly and completely to allow us to determine whether you are eligible for a prize.
All paddlers completing the Conwy Ascent will receive a finishing memento.