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Conwy Ascent Canoe Race/Tour

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The Race

K1 group For the competitively minded paddler the race is a superb way of testing skill and fitness against fellow paddlers. As the race is on open water estuary and conditions can be quite demanding, we recommend an ability cut-off at Division 7 level for marathon racers. Paddlers in lower divisions and non-ranked paddlers must judge for themselves whether they are competent in these conditions. If unsure please check with your coach or instructor.

K2 start The event will be run as a race for touring Canadian canoes (TC1, TC2), a race for double kayaks and canoes (K2, C2), and a race for single kayaks and canoes (K1, C1), each with a massed start. These will include all variations of canoes and kayaks, except for the touring Canadian canoes race which is strictly for touring boats. Sprint, marathon and WWR canoes should race in the singles or doubles race.

There will be Le Mans style starts off the beach at Conwy Morfa. Please bear this in mind when selecting the type of boat and steering (understern or overstern rudder) to use. Due to the open water conditions and other boats using the estuary, good spray decks are essential, and if it is rough, footpumps are recommended. All boats must be fitted with adequate buoyancy to make them float horizontally when full of water.

NB At the request of the harbour authority, the organisers require buoyancy aids to be worn by all paddlers, so you should ensure that you bring one with you to the event.