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Conwy Ascent Canoe Race/Tour

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Timetable of Events

Based on high water at Conwy at approx. 12:32 BST on Sat 25 May 2024

Check in opens at about 09:30

10:15 Beginning of Tour start window
10:35 SUPs and Canadian Tourers : muster for briefing and race start
10:45 Race start for SUPs and Canadian Tourers (TC2)
11:00 End of Tour start window NB Any SUPs doing the tour must start before the SUP race start.
11:05 Racing Paddlers : muster for briefing and race starts
11:15 Start of K2/C2 doubles race
11:20 Start of K1/C1 singles race
12:00 Beginning of Tour finish window
13:00 End of Tour finish window